i3 Gebruikersdag Vanerum

Met een mooie opkomst van 76 i3LEARNHUB gebruikers was het een drukke, maar voldoening gevende dag !
De mensen konden kiezen uit 6 workshops, waarvan ze aan 4 hands-on deelnamen.

Rechtopstaand leren aan Opti+

De basisschool de Eckberger in Sint-Gillis-Waas laat haar leerlingen rechtopstaand les volgen aan de Opti+ tafels. Het resultaat: de leerlingen zijn aandachtiger bij de les. Ruim 9 op de 10 basisscholen organiseren reeds beweegactivieiten. Binnenkort zullen 10 middelbare scholen de trend volgen. De Opti+ tafels zijn goed op weg om standaard onderdeel van de klas te worden.

Back to sitting still in class?

Back to school! Is your backpack ready? 709 000 children are going to primary school today in Flanders. Do they all have to sit quietly on their chairs?

New trend: two teachers in one class

More and more schools are experimenting with larger groups and co-teaching: two teachers teaching simultaneously. This principle is already incorporated in kindergarten, but now also in secondary education.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us. But students and teachers who benefit from our products are even more important! Our motto is "Lifelong learning is fun!". In this section, we want to show you some beautiful projects from happy customers.

Learning in style

Sint-Jozefsinstituut KOGEKA - Geel.

“The furniture is very modern and provides a lot of comfort. Both students and teachers are very excited!
- Bob Heylen, headmaster.

Size matters in the classroom

The use of i3BOARD in Flemish schools

“Intuitive functionality means that substitute teachers, interims and interns can use the board without technical knowledge, which leads to higher returns.”

From individual to group work in no time

Middle school Prins van Oranje Diest

"I see a clear division within the team of teachers. On the one hand you have the teachers who still like traditional teaching. I don't have anything against that, as long as the participation of the students is optimal. On the other hand, there are teachers who like this interactive story."

Gert Van Passel (Headmaster)

New school desks in the open learning center of Campus Sint-Jozef in Lommel

VZW WICO Campus Sint-Jozef

"Demand for new equipment came from the new build project. The second and third grade made use of a new building on a joint campus with the first grade in 2011."

Noël Bernaers

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Relaxing Encounters

Relaxing Encounters

Pleasant Cooperation

Pleasant Cooperation

Playful Discovery

Playful Discovery